mugbigI’m a software product leader with a background in UX design and inbound marketing. I generally live in Seattle but I’m currently traveling the world. I’ll be back in early 2014.


Recent career highlights:

  1. I’ve been quoted in a front-page article in the New York Times and interviewed on CNBC and Fox Business. Products I’ve led have been featured by NPR, Time, the Wall Street Journal, BBC, Slate, LifeHacker, TechCrunch (5x), US News and World Report, BusinessWeek, and more.
  2. I’ve founded and led product at two multi-million dollar software businesses that continue to grow today.
  3. My second company was funded by Y Combinator, True Ventures, and a host of awesome angels.
  4. Unlike a lot of folks who claim expertise in viral product design, I’ve actually designed viral products. I led product design at Cubeduel, which went viral and was sold to investors.
  5. Mike Arrington of TechCrunch said the following about my interaction design efforts: “Anyone building a new web company with search features should take a look and consider, cough, copying their interface. It’s really exceptional.”
  6. I’ve served as interim Head of Product at companies backed by Sequoia and Redpoint.
  7. I’ve led inbound marketing efforts with demonstrable success. I authored and implemented an SEO strategy that brought a product from page 4 to the #1 result for our top search phrases. I led a wildly successful PR strategy. On several occasions, I led link-bait efforts that “went viral”, with individual blog posts netting nearly half a million views in the span of a few days.
  8. I’ve led an A/B testing effort to improve site conversion to trial and paid accounts that resulted in a 400%+ increase in conversions.
  9. I’ve done a lot of public speaking (alone and on panels) including at the Web 2.0 Summit, the Information Overload Research Group Conference, The Churchill ClubSeattle Tech Startups, Mozcon, and more.
  10. I’ve been syndicated on VentureHacks, BusinessWeek and 47 Hats.

Fun facts about me:

  1. I lived in Alaska for about 10 years.
  2. I’ve been buried alive in a snow cave. It was scary.
  3. I was a blogger-on-the-trail for the Iditarod Sled Dog race.
  4. I’ve remodeled my house down to the studs (with a little help from contractors and my lovely wife).
  5. I just finished traveling the world for 7 months (as I write this). We have a blog for our adventures over here.
  6. What I do for fun: I like reading (sci-fi and biz books), geeky board games, traveling, cooking, playing casual sports (ultimate, touch football, volleyball), playing with dogs, and woodworking/carpentry.
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