RescueTime Blog

Brief note to let my dear readers know that we’ve set up a blog for RescueTime. Right not it’s not that active, but will eventually contain lots of interesting things that we can learn from our anonymous users. By asking them a few questions, we’ll be able to look at… 

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Mutual Awe

The best teams I’ve ever worked on have had a peculiar vibe of “mutual awe”. When I saw what my colleagues could pull off, I was dazzled. When I pulled off something cool, THEY were dazzled. At the same time, I think it’s tremendously valuable to be a hobbyist in… 

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People read this stuff?

Most of my personal hosting sites are hosted at a shared hosting company called Dreamhost. They’ve had some growing pains and certainly can’t handle any significant traffic, but they are a great host for dabbling (if I’m doing anything serious, like Jobby– now sold and gone– or RescueTime). They also… 

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Design is Not Art Great blog entry about design by one of my favorite bloggers.

Oh No! Children are killing the planet!

(this is totally unrelated to anything I’ve blogged about before) A friend sent me a link to an old article on about the environmental impacts of having children. Two delightful excerpts: “Hall and his colleagues found that a single new American born in the 1990s will be responsible, over… 

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