A Grand Experiment: 4 months in Silicon Valley

This is a bittersweet post to write.  I love Seattle.  I love the people.  I love the scenery.  I love the startup scene and the underdog mentality.  I’ve actually written data-driven posts trying to justify this entrepreneur’s choice to live here.  I’ve cheered on as Glenn Kelman valiantly defended our soggy brand of entrepreneurship…. 

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How to Ask for an Introduction

I don’t know a ton of important people. But as a founder of a venture-backed startup with some amazing investors and advisors, I do know a few. With Nivi and Naval preaching the gospel of social proof (can I get an “amen”?!) and with fundraising posts and articles espousing the… 

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  • @buster If it was /100k, wouldn't the "how they are changing relative to each other" stay the same w/ more general down-slant?
  • @buster So pretty! But, why did they bounce between deaths/100,000 and raw death #s? The latter masks how much things have improved.
  • RT @scottporad: Seattle, Represent! - A Haiku Deck by Team Haiku Deck. #setyourstoryfree http://t.co/Rl6vbucfEo