Big News for Me and RescueTime (see you in Silicon Valley)

I’ve posted a lot more detail and accompanying thoughts over at the RescueTime blog… To summarize: RescueTime has been funded by YCombinator, one of the most prestigious seed-funding outfits that’s out there (in geek circles, anyways). If you aren’t familiar with it, here’s a bit of info. YC was founded… 

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Seattle 2.0 Startup Index

Every month, Marcello Calbucci diligently posts a list of Seattle Tech Startups sorted by their Alexa/Compete ratings (including details about their movement on the list). The November SSI is out! It’s a great resource and (quite honestly) exciting to see so many Seattle companies doing interesting things. And it’s gratifying… 

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Interaction with WordPress Customer Service… Not so fun.

I’ve been running WordPress for this blog since the beginning. It’s a great platform. I’ve officially been drinking the Kool-Aid. I tell my friends about it. I heard Matt Mullenweg speak (at SXSW last year) and I rave about that. So when it made sense for us to spin up… 

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Everything is Linkbait

First off, for those of you who haven’t been exposed to the phrase yet, here is WikiPedia’s take on LinkBait. The definition doesn’t feel complete to me. I’d probably add a bit of language along the lines of “baits users to bookmark the link” (because many social bookmarking sites convey… 

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First Review of RescueTime!

(blogging from Alaska!) I wrote in more detail over at the RescueTime blog, but we got out first review of RescueTime over at The Red Ferret Journal. Absolutely smashing!

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