Do Designers deserve a “seat at the strategy table”?

One of my favorite “design” bloggers out there is Josh Porter of Bokardo. In his most recent article, Josh contends that “designers need a place at the strategy table because their work depends on and is a direct result of it. If it’s not already, realizing the business strategy of… 

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Facebook and Misaligned Goals

Facebook’s goals and your goals (as a Facebook user) are starting to get misaligned. And it’s only going to get worse. I’ll come back to this in a sec. Alan (former VP at my previous employer) has left Facebook. He brings up a lot of cogent reasons why. For myself,… 

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RescueTime Blog

Brief note to let my dear readers know that we’ve set up a blog for RescueTime. Right not it’s not that active, but will eventually contain lots of interesting things that we can learn from our anonymous users. By asking them a few questions, we’ll be able to look at… 

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Mutual Awe

The best teams I’ve ever worked on have had a peculiar vibe of “mutual awe”. When I saw what my colleagues could pull off, I was dazzled. When I pulled off something cool, THEY were dazzled. At the same time, I think it’s tremendously valuable to be a hobbyist in… 

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Design is Not Art Great blog entry about design by one of my favorite bloggers.

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