Mutual Awe

The best teams I’ve ever worked on have had a peculiar vibe of “mutual awe”. When I saw what my colleagues could pull off, I was dazzled. When I pulled off something cool, THEY were dazzled. At the same time, I think it’s tremendously valuable to be a hobbyist in… 

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Design is Not Art Great blog entry about design by one of my favorite bloggers.

Search Engine Marketing and Instant Gratification

Human beings are pretty hardwired for instant gratification. We’d all be healthier and happier if we went to the gym regularly, ate right, brushed our teeth, went to the dentist, avoided overexposure to the sun, etc. Instead, we sit in front of the TV because it’s easy and entertaining. We… 

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Entrepreneurship and Youth

There has been some interesting discussion of late about the relationship between youth and successful entrepreneurship. It started with a from-the-hip post by Fred Wilson (which he later elaborated on). After looking at the chart posted on Valleywag, it got me wondering about how old a fella has to be… 

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Jumping off a cliff and building an airplane on the way down

In the startup world, people oftentimes use the term “runway” to describe the amount of time we have before we run out of money and need to be profitable. I just read a quote which I think is a lot more appropriate (and creates a greater sense of urgency). “An… 

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