Does a Business Guy have a Place in Software Startups?

[edit: I should probably have made a stronger point that I am talking about early early early stage startups. 2-5 people, pre-funding. Carry on!] There is a tremendous amount of venom loosed towards so called “business guys” or “idea guys” (as I’ve called ‘em) in the startup community. They can’t… 

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Lessons of Y Combinator: Things I’d do differently after 2 startups

I wrote a little guest post over at FoundRead (part of the GigaOm network). Give it a read!

Reading the Lines, Not Between Them (PG & Coding Horror)

There’s quite a flap over Paul Graham’s recent essay. The attacking author quotes a comment on Reddit (always a good sign) as a good summary of the essay of why we should all be terribly offended. “I work with young startup founders in their twenties. They’re geniuses, and play by… 

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#1 Mistake by Coders who Are Doing UI Design

I think that common sense goes a long ways in UI design… But not all the way. It’s a learned skill like any other. I was reading up on calendar controls today (which I’m obsessed with, by the way) and caught a great post by the curmudgeonly Jakob Nielsen. Here’s… 

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Exactly Why 37Signals is So Arrogant

Don Norman recently wrote a fine piece entitled “Why is 37Signals So Arrogant?“. As a student of link/click bait, I have to applaud him. Bravo! It’s right up there with Jason Calacanis’ post about firing anyone who isn’t a workaholic (his followup is a bit more measured). So I’m going… 

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