Comments Change – Using Disqus!

Just a short note to let folks know that I’ve switched my commenting system over to Disqus. Disqus is a hosted commenting system (free) that offers a few clear benefits: 2 way communication with people who comment. This is the one I care about. Very often, someone leaves an interesting… 

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Lessons of Y Combinator: Things I’d do differently after 2 startups

I wrote a little guest post over at FoundRead (part of the GigaOm network). Give it a read!

Reading the Lines, Not Between Them (PG & Coding Horror)

There’s quite a flap over Paul Graham’s recent essay. The attacking author quotes a comment on Reddit (always a good sign) as a good summary of the essay of why we should all be terribly offended. “I work with young startup founders in their twenties. They’re geniuses, and play by… 

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Every Piece of Startup Advice is a Lie (including mine)

Well, not all of it. That title was blatant click-bait. You’re here and I’ve won. Nyah! I’ve long been passionate about reading and digesting every tidbit of information about what it takes to build a successful startup. I’m an avid reader of people like Seth Godin, Paul Graham, Guy Kawasaki,… 

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Half-assed Startup – How to Start your Company and Keep Your Day Job

Someone posted an interesting “Ask YC”, asking: “How to start becoming an entrepreneur while still being an employee?” Having done this twice (started a company that eventually turned into a full-time startup), I settled in to reply. Before long, it was clear that my response was long enough to justify… 

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