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Evaluating New Product Ideas (focus on Tractability)

Evan Williams (founder of Twitter, fellow corn-fed midwesterner-turned-dotcommer, and someone I get to meet via YCombinator!) has a fabulous post on how to evaluate new product ideas. To sum up his excellent post, here is the matrix he came up with: Tractability Question: How difficult will it be to launch… 

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Bootstrap Design for Geek-Powered Startups

One of my brethren at YCombinator sent out a request to the 2008 Winter Founders list a request for information about design services for his startup. He and his co-founder, like many YC founders, are hackers. In my career I’ve been a web designer (although I’m only moderately good at… 

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Best Marketing Quote of the Day

“”Marketing is a Tax You Pay for being Unremarkable” Robert Stephens Founder and Chief Inspector, The Geek Squad While I think that’s a touch on the simple side, it rings pretty true. What would happen if all the people who were concentrating on advertising and PR instead started focusing on… 

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The Fuss About Macs, Priming, and Racism

Alan Steele (ex-Jobster colleague) tweets: “using a mac for the first time in many years. so far i don’t see what all the fuss is about. it’s just another desktop…” I tend to agree. A computer is a means to an end, and an XP Windows box usually gets me… 

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Sometimes, Redeye is a Good Thing

Been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been absolutely slammed and had a few scheduled trips smack dab in the middle of some of the busiest work time I’ve ever experienced. Today I’m organizing a batch of pictures for a Flickr upload session and found a gem from Halloween. I… 

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