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Why Every Geek Should have a “Side Project” (and why bosses should love ‘em for it)

About 8 months ago, a software idea hit me that I really wanted to work on. Like all ideas, it was based on a hypothesis. In this case, the hypothesis was “if understanding how you spent your time was braindead easy, you’d be a lot thoughtful about how you spent… 

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“Release Early, Release Often” vs. Seth Godin

Wow. Two posts in a row that link to Seth Godin. Does that make me a fanboy? In his post “In praise of a blank page“, Godin is essentially saying, “if it isn’t REALLY good, don’t ship it and refuse to market it.” I’m interested to see if this stirs… 

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How Much Fuel #2… Seth Godin Speaks

Urm, just read a great blog post by Seth Godin who managed to say the same thing I did in my previous post using only about 5% of the space. I guess that’s why he’s a published author! He writes a nice list of 15 ideas in a post entitled… 

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How Much Fuel Does Your Startup Need to…er… Start?

I just re-read “Getting Real” over my most recent trip to New Zealand. If you’re not familiar with it (you should be), it’s 37Signal’s manifesto on making simple web software. They are simply fanatical about making software that is as simple as possible. It’s delightfully amusing when someone counters with… 

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Your Online Persona – Owning your Name in Google Search Results

Ten years ago a very small set of public figures had to care about their “public persona”. Increasingly, everyone (or at least everyone with professional aspirations in the white-collar world) needs to start paying attention to the “face” they are presenting online. Over the last year there have been plenty… 

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