Product designer & growth hacker. Founded/led two multi-million dollar companies (backed by YC & True Ventures) that are alive and growing today. Served as Interim Head of Product at a Sequoia company. Read my full bio or ask me anything.

PR for Startups

My startup (RescueTime) has enjoyed some pretty ridiculously good PR (online, print, and video). It’s not a surprise that the most common questions that we get from other founders are about PR. How do you get press and the blogosphere talking about your product? When you research this topic, you’ll… 

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Considering Y Combinator (or any seed funding)?

[Timely note! We’re hosting a Y Combinator Meetup in Seattle on Thursday Feb 25… details here!] March 3 is the deadline for YC’s Summer 2010 session. I figured that I ought to throw my thoughts out there on the decisions that lead up to the application, the app itself, and… 

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Freemium Founders: Start Charging for Things Today!

I tend to disagree with 37Signals on a mess of things. Like a lot of successful internet pundits, they deal in absolutes and hyperbole. There’s no middle ground and there’s no “…well, it depends”. That’s just not as linkbaity. It’s probably not as fun, either. But there’s one place where… 

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Design your Blog like You’d Design a Product

When I decided to take a weekend and focus on my blog I realized one big thing: Most blogs are crappy products. And most of my favorite bloggers (the ones that espouse taking design, marketing, testing, and iteration have largely blown off the designs of their blogs To be clear,… 

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Startups with Something to Believe In

I went to an informal Seattle startup CEO dinner a while back and it was an awesome opportunity to talk candidly about the problems that early stage products face. Someone remarked to me afterwards that a lot of people in that room had already “made it” (financially speaking). That’s one… 

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