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Just How Important is the Valley? Let’s Look at some Data.

[Edit: Added the raw data in a table at the end] Some of the smartest startup brains I’ve ever met have said that if you want to be in the startup game, you MUST be in the Valley. There are plenty of justifications out there for it, and many/most of… 

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Google is a friend to the news business (but it’s got to evolve)

People are upset about the news industry dying/changing, and with good reason. There’s a lot of great history and romance in journalism, and it’ll be a shame to see them go. There’s a great summary of the issue by Nick Carr and some good thoughts (with a linkbait title) by… 

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How We Handle Sales Calls

As a business with public contact information, we are inundated with sales calls. The process generally runs roughly like this: We get a phone call from a number that is often “blocked” for caller ID. We’ve learned to screen those calls. Some leave a voicemail, some do not. If they… 

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Quick Thought on Hearing Brad Feld Speak

I saw Brad Feld speak last night at Beer, Brad, and Boulder (you can see the recorded stream and chat here) and was really struck by something that he said. In response to the question: "How broken is venture capital?" he said (paraphrasing, among other things): "It's not broken, but… 

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Startup Postcard from Corvallis, Oregon!

On Friday I spoke at a “Business Bootcamp” in Corvallis, Oregon. The event was fabulous (big thanks to John Sechrest) and I was pretty impressed to see that kind of passion for startups in Corvallis. I wanted to follow up with that community with a few thoughts (that might be… 

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