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PR: Pitching TechCrunch, Scoble, and other Influentials

Christian Anderson (a former colleague at Jobster) had an interesting (and well-researched) post on his blog called “How to Pitch Robert Scoble — HINT: No Direct Tweets“… , which led to a discussion on FriendFeed (with Robert himself weighing in) that was pretty interesting. I had a contribution bouncing around… 

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The Information Overload Conference in NYC, July 15!

I just got word that I’ll be speaking at the Information Overload Research Group 2008 Conference in New York City on July 15th (though I’m not on the page yet… ). This is the grassroots organization mentioned with RescueTime in the New York Times article “Lost in Email, Tech Firms… 

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Bootstrappers Beware

A lot of people are damn religious about bootrapping businesses. Especially nowadays when it’s so easy to start a software business– you just need a few hackers, Ruby on Rails, a cheap virtual server and you’re ready to roll, right? Sure. But just because it’s cheaper to start a software… 

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Comments Change – Using Disqus!

Just a short note to let folks know that I’ve switched my commenting system over to Disqus. Disqus is a hosted commenting system (free) that offers a few clear benefits: 2 way communication with people who comment. This is the one I care about. Very often, someone leaves an interesting… 

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Communication and “Infoporn” Are Killers

There are people in the world who make a living communicating and living “in the noise” of email, IM, Twitter, Digg, TechMeme and the like. For them, the parade of communication and and information is probably a boon. Unfortunately, for the rest of us (who make a living producing stuff–… 

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