Product designer & growth hacker. Founded/led two multi-million dollar companies (backed by YC & True Ventures) that are alive and growing today. Served as Interim Head of Product at a Sequoia company. Read my full bio or ask me anything.

Twitter isn’t a Social Network

One of my biggest frustrations with Twitter is that it’s a pretty clumsy mechanism for 2-way conversation (IM style) as well as “one and a half way” conversation (commenting on a tweet that may or may not elicit discussion). I posted a tweet the other day to see what other… 

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The necessity of early stage valuations

A friend/contrarian Tweeted the following that I though was worth a discussion (the 140 character limit of Twitter quickly got too painful for me). “What’s wrong with this world: Twitter is making $4mil per year yet is valued at $1bil. #newmath” I think this is an important thing to talk… 

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On Auto-Tweets, Facebook Games, and Other Potential Pollution

I love games. While I did wear a letterman jacket through most of high school, I surreptitiously played Dungeons and Dragons every week with my brother’s gaming group. I’ve played a wide variety of games on every computer I’ve ever owned. I like board games like Settlers of Catan, and… 

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Software and Making Money (Presentation Slides Included)

(note: this is modified from a talk I gave at Seattle Tech Startups on Wednesday) The more I think about it, the more I’m impressed with software businesses that are great businesses (not just great software). There’s a class of entrepreneur that is product focused (like the folks at Twitter),… 

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Should you move your startup to the Valley? Depends on where you are (Data included!)

I admit that I am a bit of a contrarian. For a long time, the contention that “if you’re doing a startup, you HAVE to be in Silicon Valley” didn’t sit well with me. Sure, talent is important– but for many startups you need only a few talented folks to… 

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